Environmental Engineering and Anaerobic Technology

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with complete-solutions for municipal and industrial waste-water treatment we optimize waste water plants, digesters, biogas facilities and anaerobic reactors.

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Main Focus

Optimization of activated sludge

  • Precipitants and Index-Optimizers

    • Reliable precipitation of phosphate with products from our BIOFLOC© and PETROFLOC® line based on:
      • Polyaluminium chloride (PAC)
      • Ferric chloride solutions
      • Aluminium-ferric-chloride-solutions
      • tailor-made special products
    • Elimination of bulking sludge and floating sludge with BIOFLOC© SPEED and BIOFLOC© OPTIMIZER: Effective rapid-action special products to:
      • Increase sedimentation rate
      • Decrease sludge-index
      • precipitate phosphates
  • Chalk for lack of calcium

    • OPTICAL20 and NITRIFLOC AKTIV increase the acid capacity and stabilize the flocs:
      • continuous stabilization of pH
      • Improvement of nitrification
      • Formation of compact flocks
      • prevents flock-break-up
      • increases dry-content
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Improvement of Sludge-dewatering

  • Flocculants (pFM)

    • Wide range of polymer flocculants from our FILLFLOC® and M-FLOC® line with various charges, molecular weights and cross-linking:
      • anionic, cationic, non-ionic, amphotere
      • solid polymere, emulsion polymer, dispersion polymer
    • to:

      • increase dry matter content in dewatered sludge
      • achieve stable sludge dewatering
      • decrease back-contamination due to cleared centrate

Neutralisation of acidic wastewater

  • Milk of lime

    • CALCIMAX® is a concentrated, highly reactive and stable liquid lime for the ecological, economical and safe wastewater treatment and neutralisation:
      • Reduced risk profile compared to standard lime or sodium hydroxide
      • Increases the acid capacity and stabilises the pH
      • For precipitation of heavy metals and removal of fluoride and phosphate
      • Reduces the consumption of flocculants and stabilises the flocks
      • Increases dry matter in press residue
      • Ensures more efficient utilisation of waste flows, especially for digestors and biogas plants
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Odour elimination

  • Odour masking agents and odour binders

    • Effective and rapid-action products from our BIODOR© and BIOSMELL© line
    • Reliable and stable elimination of unwanted odour caused by hydrogen sulphide (H2S), thiole (Mercaptane), amine and ammoniac
    • easy to use
    • optimium product-selection for your process
    • Application range:
      • in sewer systems
      • at sludge dewatering, at sludge storage
      • in exhaust air of breeding farms, meat-processing industries, waste management companies, compost facilities etc.
    • Download Info-Folder BIODOR© and BIOSMELL©

Defoamers and De-Aerators

  • Effective elimination of foam with products from our PETROFOAM® line:
    • Silicone-Defoamers
    • Non-Silicone-Defoamers
    • Special Defoamers
    • also suitable for food-producing industry

Digestion Towers and anaerobic-reactors

  • Enzyme-mixtures,micro-/macro-nutritients

    • Products from our BIOFIT© and BIOFIT© PLUS line balance nutrition-lacks in anaerobic facilities (biogas-production, papier industry etc.) and achieve:
      • Increase of gas-yield
      • Reduction of H2S-formation
      • Stabilization of bacterial flora
      • Increase of process-stability
      • Prevention of foam-formation
      • Reduction of sludge amount



  • Microscopical analyses of activated sludge
  • chemical analyses of deposits
  • waterchemical analyses
  • highly modern technical equipment (Fluorescence-Microscopy, REM, EDX, FTIR etc.)


Equipment and technical service

  • Polymer dissolving stations
  • Installation of and support service for dosing technology

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Use biocides in a safe way. Always read labelling and product Information before use.